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A change of pace... a DRASTIC change of pace!

I saw this one up on eBay (thanks to your donations... that helped snag this rarity!) and just HAD to bid on it... it came yesterday, and.... boy is it different!

Kangaroo is a band I have NEVER heard of, kind of like Jefferson Airplane meets Country Joe & the Fish. From the address on their fan club, this seems to be a New York City group that had maybe one labum in the 60s and then faded into obscurity. I have NEVER seen any kind of LP or CD, so I assume that this one is safe to post...

The music is psychedelia but not too over-the-top... there are a couple of light-hearted bits in here, and the usual Longhair Love songs... it's an interesting listen!

The tape wasn't in the greatest shape, but I think I got the best I could out of it on the remaster process... it's an Ampex dupe, done at 3.75 ips, and the tape is showing a little bit of stretch wear... but the TEAC handled it nicely enough to get at least a fair remaster of it.

Here are the full size scans of:
The front of the box, and
The back of the box.

Fire up those Moire boxes and Lava Lamps! Here's Kangaroo!


At 9:25 AM, Anonymous julioxo said...

Very nice

At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Johannes said...

WOW ! What a find !...
I like this very much. And the sound quality is excellent. I am always amazed by the quality of your reels. I was always told that the sound will fade with time.

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Refer said...

yes, this is the only album recorded by Kangaroo; Barbara Keith recorded 2 solo albums and stills active today with The Stone Coyotes, a trio with her husband and stepson. Go to:

ND Smart is a very famous drummer. Besides Kangaroo he played with The Remains, Ian & Sylvia, Todd Rundgren, Gram Parsons etc.

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous eddie ciletti said...

Wow! The funniest thing about kangaroo is that I know two of these guys. John Hall was in the 70's group ORLEANS (still the one) and he is now in politics in upstate new york. ND smart played drums and sang the high notes in lots of bands including THE HELLO PEOPLE. He also played with Todd Rundgren.

eddie ciletti
sept 2007


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