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Voice of Music - Everybody's Favorites


This is a 1960 compilation of mood & lounge & light classical & polka (yes, polka) music put out by "the Voice of Music" company of Benton Harbor, Michigan. Actually, V-M Corporation was a manufacturer of tape recording and playback gear in the 50s and early 60s, and had their own line of pre-recorded reel tapes (I have another one coming up from VoM in a couple of posts). Somewhere along the line though, I think someone forgot to tell the people who were in charge of the artist credits that they could take the day off on this one... because only four artists are credited! The rest? A good question! So that kind of makes this another Mystery Tape, at least as far as the artist creds go. And it is too bad, because there are some VERY tasty things on this tape,including one of the most WACKED-OUT instrumental versions of "Mack the Knife" I think I have ever heard... a version that Kurt Weil would have been very proud of. The sound quality on this one is nothing short of exceptional on most of this stuff, there's even an example of no-center-channel stereo on here ("Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine" by a fair Judy Garland imitator... couldn't tell if it was the Real Judy, because the singer was waaaaaay off in the left channel across the room...).

Unfortunately, the reel didn't have a label on it, plus there was a couple (one and one-half cuts actually) of 'extra tracks' that someone put on to fill side one. Those are NOT included here. I hate it when people do that....

Which brings me to my latest bitch-rant: eBay poo-heads. There are SOME people out there in ePoo land that think they can sell crap out there, and sell it as original! I have even seen listings where people say that they re-mastered the old program and put it on (gag choke retch puke) Ampex/Quantigy 457 tape! Uhhhhh, guys, 457 is the formula that decides to SELF DESTRUCT because there's no whale oil in the backing formula!!! Ever heard of Sticky Tape Syndrome?? Or, even better, I have seen someone put some Old Time Radio programs ON JUNK STOCK TAPE!!!

Hmmmm, with all the OTR I have in MP3, and all the junk stock tape I have around here......

Oh yea, and props to grannystjean, she took it in the shorts on a lot win of reels... a bunch of them were absolute JUNK... she runs her store as a neat little extra-income business, and I hope that she nails this poo-head that stiffed her.

Seriously, watch what you're bidding on in eBarf... I am gonna put a few things up that I have posted here (sniff sniff WAAH!)... see what happens when people don't leave a Love Offering?

Here are the scans of the box:
The front...
The back...

Somebody thought that these would have been Everybody's Favorites...


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